Educate offer teachers at JU an opportunity to meet.

Educate always offer you the opportunity to meet for counselling as a part of our mission as Educator Center for Academic Teaching and Learning. This may mean making an appointment for advice on a topic you want to learn more about, or that you and your department have specific training needs.

What happens when I make an appointment?

  1. When you contact us by email, we want you to describe what you need help with as specifically as possible. Please also explain what type of advice you require.
  2. Once we receive your email, we will allocate the assignment so that we have the right person in the right place: an Educate contact.
  3. Once we have a proposal for an Educate contact, you will receive a reply to your email, in which we propose to meet for counselling. Usually we will come to you.
  4. After the counselling session, we will follow up the results and evaluate whether the counselling was effective