Jönköping University offers training session and/or coaching in systems and services used for teaching, collaboration and administration.

Training/coaching in the following systems require a JU account or access to the intranet to register since it is primarily meant for JU staff.

E-exams (Inspera)

Inspera is a system for creating, administering, performing and assessing exams digitally. Student access to results and e-archiving of exams is also managed by the system.

E-meeting (Zoom/Teams)

For e-meetings there are two tools: Zoom and Teams. Both can be used for group work, supervision, video meetings or lectures. With Teams you also have access to multiple other collaboration tools.

Learning Management System, LMS (Canvas)

Canvas is the universitys online learning management system where digital course environments are provided for teachers and students. It is used for digitally managing course material, submissions, groups, announcements and many other things.

Study administration (Ladok)

Ladok is a national register for studies with support for various administrative processes. As a teacher, you will mainly use it to report and certify student results.


Within Microsoft 365 there are many applications to facilitate creating, collaborating and other processes. For example: Bookings, Forms, Whiteboard or PowerPoint.

Media service (JU Play)

With JU Play you can manage and distribute recordings in the form of audio, video, interactive video or playlists.