Welcome to Digital Education. On this page you will find pedagogical tips for online education and information on available digital tools.

Digital education is a broad concept and these pages also include various forms of so-called "blended education". This term usually includes both campus-based education and online education. Here we include both courses that are run entirely online and blended in the larger concept of digital education.

When education is offered online, the interaction that usually takes place between teachers and students in a physical space is reduced or eliminated. The question of how to engage students is therefore an important theme for digital education, as are the tips presented here. Although this page was created with digital education in mind, many of the tips are relevant to campus teaching as well.

Feel free to use the material as a source of inspiration and guide as a first step. Try different approaches to see what works best for your course, but always keep in mind the resources available (course budget), the type of course and the composition of the student group.

The page is divided into four sections:

Digital education was updated in autumn 2020 with

  • A guide with pedagogical tips for digital education.
  • JU webinars and other resources, as well as training sessions for Canvas, Zoom, Teams and Inspire.

The updates were made by the project team Temporary pedagogical support for digitalization. This group consisted of members from the universities of applied sciences, JUE and University Services, as well as a student representative.

In spring 2022, digital education was taken over by Educate, who are now responsible for updating the pages.

The content of the pages has been created based on the collective experience of the project team and the following publications.

Hybrid Education