Want to know what we at Educate are reading about and watching right now?

The mission statement of Educate states that the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning act as JU’s point of contact for international, national and regional partners in the field of teaching and learning in higher education, monitor developments and disseminate current relevant information within JU.*

We do this on our inspiration pages.

Educate articles

Some of the content is of a more permanent nature, such as Educate articles. It is not an academic article, and they are not usually published outside the Educate web. Rather, they have a summary or popular science character. They are a way for us to gather knowledge and share important concepts, approaches and perspectives that you can delve into later. Sometimes Educate articles are part of the course literature in our courses, or materials used in seminars and workshops.

Inspirational videos (coming)

We often work with Educate experts, who co-create with us and share their knowledge. One way to gather their knowledge in a format that can provide a taste of new practices they use in their teaching or work is through our inspirational films. In 2023, we will create more and more inspirational films and content packs you can take advantage of to find new practices.


We also collect research and other literature as part of our mission to disseminate current relevant information further within JU. Sometimes this literature is also included as course literature in our courses, and is particularly important for us to share. In such cases, we link to those articles, journals and books under Literature. Here we also take help from our very competent staff at the University Library.


Want to know what's happening right now? Educate's mission includes monitoring the world. Worldwatch is the most up-to-date format we use to share our insights. Here we curate content from various networks, media and debate forums to give you an up-to-date insight into what the world is talking about right now.