Executive Education

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With a total of 15 university credits at master-level, the courses are certified by JIBS, and are tailor-made for professionals and practitioners. This strategic initiative aims at offering a top-notch education, based on the latest findings from the leading research in CeFEO. 

This series of web-based courses at a quarter speed rate, gives you the opportunity to combine work and studies at university level. In the courses, you will meet world-leading researchers, exchange experiences with other professionals and will get the opportunity to apply your new knowledge to your own professional life.

Family Business Management, 15 credits

CoursesCourse period
Family Business, introduction and characteristics, 3 credits28/10 – 20/12 2019
Family Business Strategy, 3 credits13/1 – 13/3 2020
Family Business Governance, 3 credits23/3 – 2/5 2020
Family Business Ownership, 3 credits24/8 – 16/10 2020
Family Business Emotions, 3 credits26/10 – 18/12 2020

The courses are at advanced level and are given in English. Each course lasts for 8 weeks and covers about 10 hours of study per week. Read more about the syllabus herePDF.

The education is intended for current or future leaders in family businesses, such as employees, owners or next-generation family members. Those who work with family businesses in other ways, such as advisors, are also welcome.


Through the learning platform you’ll get access to recorded lectures, case studies and other study material. Communication takes place largely through discussion forums and e-meetings, but we also offer 1-2 meetings per course to facilitate networking and enable in-person meetings. This flexible form means that within each course section you can, to a large extent, choose the time and place for your studies, while regular deadlines distribute the studies evenly over the course.


To be eligible for studies at advanced level, a bachelor's degree or equivalent of at least 180 ECTS credits is required. Since the course is given in English, higher knowledge in English is also required (English 6 or equivalent). There is also the possibility of applying for an exemption from the formal eligibility requirements if you have at least five years of qualified professional experience.


Application is open from the 1st of May until one week before the course starts. Rolling admission means that your application will be handled within one month. 20 students will be admitted on a "first come first served basis"!

You fill in the application and attach documents that support that you meet the eligibility requirements directly via the web form below. Welcome with your application!


For the first course round, starting in 2019, the education is free of charge thanks to support from The Swedish Knowledge Foundation. Thereafter, the education is usually paid for by the participant's employer.


In addition to the registration of 15 ECTS credits at master’s level, you will receive a certificate in Family Business Management, issued by Jönköping International Business School, after completion of the course.


Other executive education programs and courses

CeFEO has delivered the executive education program “Active Ownership”, to business families from different parts of Sweden. Professor Leif Melin developed this program and lead its delivery for several years. Active Ownership is a fee-based, five-day program customized for each company. It has been given several times to various owner-families. We are ready to deliver this program to new clients who contact JIBS/CeFEO. The program is marketed informally to family businesses that have become involved in the Centre, but there are no formal, systematic marketing activities. The focus of the program is to train members of business families to become active and competent owners. This means training in areas such as leadership, strategic management, governance and conflict resolution.

A variant of the Active Ownership program has also run four times in collaboration with ALMI, a governmental advisory organization for SME development, with the owners of SMEs participating in this three day program. Each time we have had 2-4 owners from four to six companies participating in the program.

CeFEO has also delivered in-company programs and courses on succession, governance and management of family businesses to organizations such as the bank Nordea and Region Dalarna, a regional support organization in mid-Sweden.

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