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  • Course in Industrial Product Realization integrates international students at the School of Engineering

    The School of Engineering emphasizes the integration of international students through the introductory master’s course "Industrial Product Realization: Process - Methodology - Leadership". Students from different countries, and with different educational backgrounds, come together to deliver the concept for a new product.
  • Students at Jönköping University exhibit self-designed furniture at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

    Students from the programme Product Development with Furniture Design and from the master's program Industrial Design at School of Engineering are exhibiting at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, the world's largest meeting place for Scandinavian design, 7-11 February.
  • Ingrid Wadskog appointed Managing Director and Dean at School of Engineering

    Porträtt Ingrid Wadskog Ingrid Wadskog has worked as Managing Director and Dean at School of Engineering since September 2016, during the recruitment process. Among several interesting candidates, Ingrid Wadskog was chosen, in consultation with the electoral committee, to stay in the position.
  • Winners in the family thesis competition

    The winners of the thesis competition The Centre for Family Enterprise and Ownership is proud to announce the winner of the JIBS/CeFEO Family Business Thesis Award 2016.
  • To create a home in a new country

    Porträtt Åsa Söderqvist Children and adolescents who come unaccompanied to Sweden from another country are often placed in residential care. In a new PhD thesis from the School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University, Åsa Söderqvist has interviewed young adults about their experience when it is time to move away from care and start an independent life.
  • New institute opened at Jönköping University

    Today, a new institute at the School of education and communication, called Skolchefsinstitutet, was inaugurated. The purpose of the institute is to strengthen superintendents (Sw. skolchefer) in their leadership.
  • Research on the digitalization of the society

    Yesterday, representatives from the eight universities in West Sweden and from Region Västra Götaland gathered to discuss issues related to the digitalization of the society. West Sweden’s leading researchers and public players have comprehensive competence within this field. This is of great importance when facing the challenges that are prioritized by the government during the coming years.