Students at Jönköping University exhibit self-designed furniture at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Students from the programme Product Development with Furniture Design and from the master's program Industrial Design at School of Engineering are exhibiting at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, the world's largest meeting place for Scandinavian design, 7-11 February.

The students have worked to develop the furniture they are now exhibiting during a longer project period. Their self-designed furniture has been developed by the premise that the furniture should be able to be produced in smaller series with regard to the economy, environment, production method and material.

The students who are exhibiting at the fair are studying Product Development with Furniture Design given at Träcentrum in Nässjö or Industrial Design given in Jönköping.

“We are always especially proud when it's time for the real-life situation, that we can show our talented students' project work, which often takes place in cooperation with companies. Through our exhibit at the fair, the industry and the public get to take part of our students' knowledge”, says Viktor Strandgren, programme manager for Product Development with Furniture Design.

This year, the students has been supervised by Viktor Strandgren, as well as Lars Eriksson, Professor at School of Engineering and Maria Cecilia Loschiavo, Professor at University of São Paulo, College of Architecture and Urbanism.

“We continually want to enhance the international aspects of the programmes. One of School of Engineering’s’ international campuses is located in São Paulo, and is an important partner. Now we have been able to get important expertise from abroad who can supervise and give new perspectives to the students”, says Lars Eriksson.

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, 7-11 February is expected to be visited by nearly 40,000 people from all over the world.