The Human Resources Programme is a three-year programme that prepares students for qualified work within HR, in various organisations. Qualified HR work means to work towards a sustainable work environment – with knowledge about the individual, group, and organisation – by using tools such as strategic competence provision and development of both the organisation and its employees. The programme offers two specialisations: Psychology or Business Administration.

The programme combines both practical and theoretical experiences, to secure that the students are given the opportunity to fully understand the HR role in various organisations, and can reflect on their own knowledge and development.


The programme contains joint courses in human resources and law, together with other courses depending on the choice of specialisation:

Business Administration: The programme includes courses that give students a good understanding of basic areas within business administration, such as Organisation, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Leadership.

Psychology: The programme includes courses that give students a good understanding of basic areas within psychology, such as Social Psychology, Psychology of Organisation and Work, and Personality Psychology.

Exchange studies

In the 5th semester, the students have the opportunity to study one semester abroad at one of Jönköping University’s partner universities. The ambition is for the students to broaden or deepen their knowledge within the field of HR. When studying abroad, students are given good insights on how HR perspectives are handled in an international context, which provides a solid basis for a future career in a global market.

Some courses in the programme are conducted in English and offered to exchange students. For more information about the courses we offer for incoming students, please visit the International Office:


Internship is a 5-week course and qualifies for 7,5 credits. The course is offered in the 4th semester (2nd year). The purpose of the course is to allow students to practice the theoretical knowledge and skills they have acquired. At the same time, they can establish contacts and networks for the future.


Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology, specialisation in Human Resources (180 credits).

Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Business Administration, specialisation in Human Resources (180 credits).

Career prospects

The programme is intended to appeal to students who want to focus on a sustainable working life, with strategic competence provision and development of employees and organisations.

The programme prepares students to work within fields such as Recruitment and Selection, Skills Development, Development of Organisations and Leaders, Work Environment, Rehabilitation, Gender Equality and Diversity Work, as well as Human Resource Accounting and Labour Law.

Adapted for a broad labour market, the programme offers opportunities to work in both public agencies and in the private sector, in various leading and/or supporting HR functions. The programme has an international profile and prepares the students to work in both national and international organisations and companies.