Work package 2.A. Information logistics in the multiprofessional organization - Ontological modelling

”Bridging the Gaps” External link, opens in new window. was a research project aimed at improving healthcare and was led by The Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare External link, opens in new window.. Work package 2.A focused on efficiency of information logistics solutions in healthcare organisations with respect to ongoing work processes and their continuous improvement, support for professional learning, and support for collaboration among professions, and patients.

The purpose of the ontological modelling part was to support WP 2.A with methods for information supply that are based on competence modelling and are demand-oriented. The research work included construction of ontology-based competence models and supply of documents based on competence profiles.

Research organisations: Jönköping County Council, Jönköping University, Uppsala clinical research center, HELIX VINN Excellence Center (LiU), Växjö University, Dartmouth Medical School

Project runtime: 2008-2010

Funded by: the Vinnvård Research Program (Vinnova, Vårdal Foundation, the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions)


The results obtained within the ontological modelling part of WP2.A:

  • Two cases from this project contributed to the creation of the ontology-based approach to competence profile management
  • Ontology-based model for describing competences of healthcare professionals
  • Two ontology-based models for describing the Ward-round process in healthcare
  • Method for context-based supply of documents for healthcare professionals


The publications that are relevant to the ontological modelling part of WP2.A:

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