We are ca fifteen employees who deliver high-quality education and cutting-edge research.

Department of Computing

  • Senior Advisor
  • School of Engineering

Department Management Team

The Management Team supports the Head of Department with advice, processing, and anchoring of issues relating to resource management, budget, strategy, recruitment, external relations, etc.


The Management Team consists of:


Further members are co-opted as needed on meeting-by-meeting basis.


Department Education Board

The Education Board coordinates the department's educational programmes with regard to planning, pedagogy, recruitment needs, quality assurance, and strategy. The board reports to the Department Management Team.


The Education Board consists of:

Head of Department

Strategic Partners

Partners: 1000+ companies

Accredited within collaboration

About us

SPARK is Jönköping University’s research and education environment focusing on knowledge intensive product realization. Based on industrial needs, SPARK develops new knowledge and competence in collaboration with industrial and academic partners.


Jönköping University
Box 1026
SE-551 11 Jönköping

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