Computer Supported Collaborative Work through Dynamic Social Networking (CLICK)

The CLICK project was cooperation between Vinnvård and the Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare External link, opens in new window.. The overall aim of the project is to make collaboration between researchers more effective. The technical objective of this project is to create an architecture of an online service to support collaboration of healthcare researchers. The service facilitates the task of seeking collaborators for joint work on producing scientific artefacts. The search of potential collaborators is based on matching the researcher's profile against others’ profiles. Profiles are ontology-based and composed of all different scientific-related activities and products of a person. The distinguishing features of the approach are (a) automatic construction of researchers’ competence profiles based on semantic integration of data sources and (b) providing automatic suggestion for collaboration based on matching of competence profiles.

Research organisations: Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare, School of Engineering

Project runtime: 2011-2012

Funded by: the Vinnvård Research Program (Vinnova, Vårdal Foundation, the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions)


The technical results of the project:
  • The ontology representing researchers' profiles, which include major research areas, published papers, engagement in projects, and known co-workers
  • Four algorithms for profile matching based on different levels of granularity of a research area and on weighing a research area based on the number of publications in it
  • The first prototype of the service with 16 profiles to support researchers in the projects funded by the Vinnvård Programme
  • Method for researchers' profile creation through data source integration
  • Method for graph-based visualization of ontology-based competence profiles and its implementation as a browser-based component


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Pär Höglund (project leader), Vladimir Tarasov (technical lead)