Construction Engineering and Lighting Science

Welcome to the Department of Construction Engineering and Lightning Science. We are around 30 people who work with education and research.

The department's research vision is to create "a high-quality built environment for all."

The department's mission to realize this vision is "to develop solutions for buildings and infrastructures that benefit people, industry, and society, co-creating a sustainable future.

Department of Construction Engineering and Lighting Science

The Department for Construction Engineering and Lighting Science is closely collaboration with the industry. The collaboration with businesses, authorities and organisations is made possible by the management team and the commissioned education.

Construction Engineering

The management team is a forum composed of teachers, students and representatives from the industry. A few times a year, the team meets to discuss industry related questions.

The subjects discussed are highly actual in both the industry and the educational programmes. We also discuss questions related to the education, need for change and renewed curriculums that meet the industry's needs.

Lighting Science

The management team has been composed of representatives from Svenssonska stiftelsen and staff from the School of Engineering. However, to better represent the width of the educational programmes, the management team is currently under reconstruction.

Head of Department

Strategic Partners

Partners: 1000+ companies

Accredited within collaboration

About us

SPARK is Jönköping University’s research and education environment focusing on knowledge intensive product realization. Based on industrial needs, SPARK develops new knowledge and competence in collaboration with industrial and academic partners.


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