Challenge Fluctuating and Conflicting Requirements by Set-Based Engineering

Swedish industry can gain a competitive edge by continuously and systematically invest in technology development in strategic areas. For supplier, however, this is a major challenge due to the large differences between the various systems that their products are to be integrated into, the markets the product are intended for, the use of the product and the customer's individual preferences. To reach a feasible solution, adaptation to adjacent systems is also necessary while efficient production must be ensured to keep costs low.

The project will result in a better understanding of these challenges and a new method for increasing the ability to efficiently develop and describe adaptive technology solutions and adapt them in the product development projects to meet the changing and conflicting requirements. The expected effects of a broader application of the results are a better and quicker introduction of new technologies in combination with an increased degree of market adaptation and customization, which strengthens competitiveness and innovation capability.

Project partners: School of Engineering, GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, Thule, Kongsberg Automotive, Axelent Engineering
Project time: 2013-2016
Funded by: Vinnova and the project partners
Total budget: 11.3 million SEK

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