The Product Design and Development research group has a focus
on efficient engineering processes and product platform models. The overall objective is to develop general methods and models as well as demonstrators targeting improved ability for industry to master product changes and product complexity.

When the market needs are continuously shifting, the progress of technology is high and the responsibility for sustainability is increasing, companies must develop an ability to master change and complexity to stay competitive. The changes can, by example, be driven by different customer requirements or technology development while complexity can, by example, be driven by optimized and unique products or integral and multidisciplinary solutions. Combinations of efficient engineering processes and suitable product platform models are seen as potential means to master change and complexity. The research on engineering processes includes product development, quotation preparation, order design and production preparation. The research on platform models addresses both overall principles as well as specific means for generating and evaluating solutions.


Main areas of research:

  • Methods for improved ability to efficiently generate, analyse and specify custom engineered products (e.g. process modelling, automated design).
  • Methods for development and description of product platforms and means to master change and complexity (e.g. modularisation, parametrisation).
  • Methods supporting creativity, problem-solving, learning and knowledge growth as part of a product platform approach (e.g. knowledge value stream, set-based engineering).
  • Methods to support design for efficient manufacturing of custom engineered products with a specific focus on design for additive manufacturing.


The rapid evolution in the area of digitalisation and computer-based techniques provide new means which are explored and applied in the research. The group collaborate extensively with industry and a selection of application areas includes aerospace, automotive, consumer products, industrial house-building, mechanical industry and industrial tooling.

Ongoing Research Projects

  • ACT - strategic collaboration with Thule Sweden AB
  • BOOST - Strategic competence development in industrial house building with a focus on single and multi family houses
  • Leaner Tools Part II - Development of research and competence area in design and manufacture of tools