The opening ceremony will take place at the School of Education and Communication, Jönköping University, on Thursday 26 November at 1:00 pm.

Thursday 26 November



1 pm

Opening Ceremony

Welcoming by Stephan Rapp, Dean at School of Education and Communication


1:15 pm

Keynote speaker 1,

Margit Krause-Ono, Muroran Institute of Technology:

Introduced by Ylva Lindberg

Myths, Mirroring, and Media - Changing ideologies and realities between and within Japan and Europe.


2:15 pm

Parallel sessions

Session A, chairperson Anette Svensson

Session B, chairperson Helena Wistrand



Jens Allwood: Exploring National Images and Stereotypes

Gunilla Carstensen and Leif Dahlberg: Cross-cultural communication in Swedish courtroom

Arvid Karsvall, Sarah Eldursi, Amanda von Matern, Tony Fang: Order and Openness in Virtual Teamwork

Steven Crawford: Three Projects, Three Pillars: Experiential Learning in a Multicultural Environment

Elisabeth Ahlsén: Integrated Marketing Communication – Application in Tourism marketing - A Case Study of Cambodia Destination Marketing in Sweden

3:45 pm

Swedish fika in Arkaden

4:15 pm

Keynote speaker 2,

Johan Larsson, Jönköping University:

Introduced by Hannah Falk

Intercultural negotiations


5:15 pm

Workshops & session

Workshop 1

Workshop 2



Li Andersson-Yang, Jönköping University:

Ylva Lindberg, Jönköping University:

How social media reshape the patterns of intercultural communication - promoting Swedish higher education in China as an illustration

Researching cultures in Second Life

7 pm

Mingle in Orangeriet

With Johan Larsson

Friday 27 November

9 amKeynote speaker 3  
 Dany Badran, Lebanese American University:  
 Introduced by Tommy Josefsson  
 Intercultural communication, conflict and crisis in Lebanon   
10 amCoffee break in Arkaden  
10:30 amSpecial sessions:  
 Cultural Transfer Part 1, chairperson Ylva LindbergSession B "The Rhetoric of Immigration: Labour, Integration and Exclusion", chairperson Jens AllwoodSession C, chairperson Iben Jensen
 Special presenter: Adnan Mahmutovic, Stockholm UniversityRuth Olga Björkenwall, Pamela Innes, Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir, Mira Skadegård Thorsen, Laura Assmuth: Labour, Integration and Exclusion Mikael Jensen: Communicative purpose and style – a cultural comparison
 Muayyed J. Juma: The Americanization of Film Subtitles: A Sociocultural Linguistic Perspective to Subtitling Translation in the Arab World Mira Skadegård Thorsen: Taking nationality hostage: Structural discrimination in immigration and integration discoursesCANCELLED André Leblanc: Should we tell the truth when tanking about the culture of the Other? The case of Amélie Nothomb
 Anette Svensson & Stefan Lundström: Worlds of many Languages: Learning from Fiction in Multimodal Text Universes Pamela Innes: Where you learn matters: Laborers’ experiences learning Icelandic Klas Borell: Dramatic Events, Fear and Prejudice: A New Approach to the Study of Islamophobia and Islamophobic Hate Crimes
  Ruth Olga Björkenwall: Assimilation failures?: Finnish laborers in Arctic SwedenØyvind Økland: Social media among young people in Kenya. Crossing ethnic borders
  Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir: The changing discourses about immigrants in Iceland: Diversity, boundaries and bordersGunnhild Aakervik: The new refugee wave and need for language training, communication skills inclusionwave and need for language training, communication skills inclusion
1 pmLunch at Guvernören  
2:30 pmWorkshops & sessions  
 Cultural Transfer Part 2, chairperson Anette SvenssonWorkshops 3 and 4:Session C, chairperson Jens Allwood
 Herbert Jonsson: What may be gained from mistranslations of Japanese haiku?Thommy Josefsson, Jönköping University: Elena Korshuk: Cross-cultural Communication in e-courses Via link
 Zlatan Filipovic: Passion for the other and the vicissitudes of shameIntercultural Curriculum Development  
 Ylva Lindberg: The Place of African Sub-Saharan Francophone Literature in SwedenNatalya Berbyuk Lindström via link from Bali 
2:30-5:00 pmEntertainment in the HJ-auditorium  
 Burundi drumming and dancing  
4:30 pmCoffe break in Arkaden  
5:00 pmKeynote speaker 4,   
 Jonas Landgren, University of Gothenburg:  
 Introduced by Jens Allwood  
 Intercultural Crisis Communication  
6:00 pmNIC Business Meeting  
 Ha 108  
 Jens Allwood  
7 pmConference Dinner at Science Park  
 Only for those registered for the Conference Dinner  

Saturday 28 November

9 amKeynote speaker 5,   
 Grégoire Njeijimana, Burundi University:  
 Introduced by Ylva Lindberg  
 Challenges in Intercultural Communication   
10 amCoffee break in Arkaden  
10:30 amSpecial sessions  
 Session A, chairperson Elisabeth AhlsénSession B, chairperson Arvid KarsvallSession C, chairperson Tommy Josefsson
 Arjan Arjuna Verdooren: Does the emperor need new clothes? - Dilemmas around essentialism in intercultural trainingMaribel Blasco, Bjarne Ørsnes: Cultural resistance in language learning: Teaching the use of German Sie/Du to Danish CLIL -studentsKlaus Geyer: Exploring linguistic landscapes in semi-public spaces: An inter-cultural project for students
 Ina-Lotte Dühring: Where do we go from here? Intercultural Competence in Germany’s Teacher EducationMariya Aida Niendorf: Intercultural Communicative Competence: The challenges and implicatins of teaching Japanese politeness strategies to Swedish learners of JapaneseIben Jensen: Rich on intercultural competence but poor in sharing - An analysis of an innovative project on cultural awareness in a public organisation
 Mikael Jensen & Linnea Moreira Emanuelsson: Kinesic code-switching among bi-culturalsSteven Elers: Māori (Indigenous) and Asian Immigration: The Potential for Intercultural Conflict in Aotearoa/New Zealand?Pavel Rodin: Crisis communications on social media in cross-cultural setting: three levels of analysis
 Rami Marashli: Toward an Integrated Sweden? A study of the Syrians’ ambition of integration in Swedish societyPhoebe Elers: Insights from New Zealand Doctors: Can patient portal improve intercultural communication in the delivery of healthcare?Jamshid Gholamian: Intercultural counseling – a dialogic approach
 Eilef Johan Gard: Intercultural Communication in a Higher Education InstitutionJohnny Långstedt: Culture, an excuse? An explorative study of project manager’s accounts of intercultural encounters in international construction projects.Christine Anthonissen: “These children, they will be angry.” Language as determining educational instrument for immigrant children
1 pmClosing  
 Ylva Lindberg, Linda Bergqvist & Jens Allwood  
1:15 pmLunch