Instructions for presentations

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We are so looking forward to seeing you in September in Jönköping at NSQH 2022, and take part of your presentation there. Here are the instructions for presenters.

Instructions for oral presentations
The presentations are expected to take no longer than 10 minutes, to allow for ample time for Q&A and discussion. If your presentation is supported with a power-point presentation it will have to be up-loaded before the sessions where your presentation is scheduled. Details about this will be e-mailed to you in the weeks before the conference.

Please bring your presentation on a usb-stick to the room where you are going to present at the latest 20 minutes before (in a coffee- or lunchbreak) the session where you will present. We will help you up-load on the computer in the room.
We would like to save and up-load the presentation as a pdf-file on the conference web-site, and will have a form ready for you to accept/deny that at the conference venue.

Instructions for speed-poster presentation

The poster shall be in A0-size, which is 84 cm (width) x 119 cm (height), anyways not larger than that. You have to print the poster and bring it to the meeting. You will be allowed to give a short oral presentation that highlights the most important things in the poster, for no more than one minute, and with one power-point slide, in one of the two the speed-poster sessions in the mornings of the conference. We need this slide to be e-mailed to at the latest on the 23rd September. The posters will be posted at poster stands in the foyer of the congress hall where we have our coffee brakes, and you are asked to be at your poster during the brakes, preferably on the day when you have your short oral presentation.

We ask you to put your poster on the poster stands as soon as you have arrived at the conference venue on Thursday morning.
The stands are right behind the registration area, we will be there to assist.

We would like to up-load your poster as a pdf-file on the conference web-site, if you agree to that we ask you to e-mail it to

Map Elmia conference center > Pdf, 14.3 MB.

Conference room K11 holds 54 persons in group seatings.
Conference room K12 holds 60 persons in a theater seating.
The presenters have access to one computer and one screen per room.

Any questions? Please contact us.
Axel Ros