Peter Carlsson

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Department of Natural and Social Sciences , School of Education and Communication

Peter is doctor of theology and a lecturer in religious studies with the main interests in the intersection between political theology and philosophy of religion. In Peters dissertation, which he defended in September 2017, the main topic of discussion was the question of how we can practice religious studies and theology in a pluralistic and post secular society. Peter has written for different critical journals and internet forum and is at the present developing a research project on learning, emancipation and theology. Most of his teaching is in religious studies at the teachers programme, but he also gives occasional lectures on the International Workers Programme. From 2020 Peter is the course coordinator for internet courses in theology and critiqe of religion.



I first started working on Jönköping University in 2015, simultanously completing my dissertation at Gothenburg University. My first academic degree was a teachers degree in Jönköping, 2003. Between 2003 and 2009 I worked as a teacher while I continued studying theology and literature.  I was accepted as a doctoral student at the Institution of Literature, History of Ideas and Religion, Gothenburg, in  2010, an employment that I combined with periods of parental leave and teaching. Since 2018 I am a lecturer in religious studies in Jönköping. 




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Doctoral thesis

Carlsson, P. (2017). Teologi som kritik: Graham Ward och den postsekulära hermeneutiken (Doctoral thesis, Göteborg: Göteborgs universitet). More information

Book chapter

Karlsson, P. (2023). Efterord – om konst, bildning och undervisningens politik. In: J. Öberg, Y. Lindberg & L. Baccstig (Ed.), Undervisningens konst (pp. 361 -372). Lund: Studentlitteratur AB More information
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Karlsson, P. (2022). Recension: Jan-Åke Alvarsson (red.) Pentekostalismen i Sverige på 2020-talet. More information

Blog Post

Karlsson, P. (2021). Om utvaldheten . More information
Björk, M., Johansen, T., Karlsson, P., Simonsson, I. (2021). Vilka av de döpta är kristna? . More information


(2022). Teologi för en postkristen tid: Seminariet för teologi och historia: Bok I. Stockholm: Aska Förlag More information