Ulrica Stagell

Doctoral Student in Didactics
Doctoral Programmes , School of Education and Communication


Ulrica focuses on education and sustainable development in her research.


Ulrica Stagell, born in 1970, is a PhD Student at the School of Education and Communication since August 2009. She has a fil.mag in Biology and a Master of Education for the Upper Secondary School in biology and Environmental Science.


Stagell, U., Almers, E., Askerlund, P., Apelqvist, M. (2014). What Kind of Actions are Appropriate? Eco-School Teachers' and Instructors' Ranking of Sustainability-Promoting Actions as Content in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) International Electronic Journal of Environmental Education, 4(2), 97-113. More information

Book chapter

Gericke, N., Manni, A., Stagell, U. (2020). The Green School Movement in Sweden – Past, Present and Future. In: A. Gough, J. C.-K. Lee & E. P. K. Tsang (Ed.), Green Schools Globally: Stories of Impact on Education for Sustainable Development (pp. 309 -332). Cham: Springer More information

Conference paper

Ramirez-Pasillas, M., Almers, E., Wagman, P., Stagell, U. (2016). Education for sustainability: Transformative processes, actions and systemic change in a Swedish university. EURAM 2016, "Manageable Cooperation", June 1-2-3 and 4, 2016, Paris, France. More information
Ramírez-Pasillas, M., Almers, E., Kjellström, S., Wagman, P., Stagell, U. (2015). Towards Multiple Approaches on Education for Sustainability: A case study of a Swedish University. 8th World Environmental Education Congress – WEEC 2015, Gothenburg, 29th of June - 2nd of July, 2015. More information
Stagell, U., Almers, E., Askerlund, P. (2014). Action Competence - a private matter?. Presented at ECER 2014, The Past, the Present and the Future of Educational Research, University of Porto, Portugal, September 1-5, 2014.. More information
Stagell, U., Almers, E., Askerlund, P. (2014). ESD and citizenship in the private and public sphere: Eco-School teachers' and instructors' views on actions as teaching content in ESD. Paper presented at the NERA 42nd Congress, Education for Sustainable Development in Lillehammer, Norway, March 5-7, 2014.. More information


Kjellström, S., Almers, E., Ramirez-Pasillas, M., Wagman, P., Stagell, U., Andersson, A. (2014). Högskoleutbildning för hållbar utveckling: En kartläggning vid Jönköpings högskola. Jönköping: Jönköping University, School of Health Sciences More information