Maria Helming Gustavsson

Doctoral Student in Education
Doctoral Programmes , School of Education and Communication

Maria Helming Gustavsson research interest is reading and more specifically reading engagement when fiction reading within the school subject Swedish grade 7-9 and secondary school. Previously she has been a primary school teacher in Swedish and Swedish as a second language grade 7-9 from which she has more than 20 years of experience. This includes several projects about school development about reading as a head teacher and central head teacher and as a school librarian. Reading and students reading development has been at focus for Maria during many years in her teaching practice, within in-service training among the teacher collegue, in her studies which also has lead to her current research project. 

Conference paper

Gustavsson, M. (2023). Engagement when reading fiction in various formats: A study of teachers’ and students’ understanding of reading engagement in Grade 7-9 Swedish language classes. NERA Conference 2023, 15-17 March 2023, Oslo, Norway. More information
Gustavsson, M. (2023). Engagemang vid fiktionsläsning: en studie med lärare och elever i svenskundervisning i årskurs 7–9. SWERA (Swedish Education Research Association), 20 April, 2023, online. More information
Helming Gustavsson, M. (2023). Engagemang vid fiktionsläsning i en social läspraktik: en studie i svenskundervisning iårskurs 7–9. ”Litteraturdidaktik i framtiden och framtiden i litteraturen", Litteraturdidaktisk nätverkskonferens, Växjö, 18–20 oktober 2023. More information
Gustavsson, M., Eliaso Magnusson, J., Schmidt, C. (2022). Svensklärares tankar om engagemang vid fiktionsläsning på högstadiet. Svenska med didaktisk inriktning (SMDI), 23-24 November 2022, Lund, Sweden. More information
Gustavsson, M. (2021). Läsengagemang vid fiktionsläsning: några svensklärares erfarenheter. Litteraturdidaktiskt nätverk 2021, Högskolan Kristianstad, 11-12 november 2021. More information
Gustavsson, M. (2021). Läsengagemang vid fiktionsläsning: några svensklärares erfarenheter. NNMF8 2021, Nordiska konferensen för modersmålsdidaktisk forskning 24-25 november 2021. More information