We invite contributions that challenge demarcated fields of study and conceptions of identity as gender, identity as functional disability, identity as race, identity based upon language groupings etc to the international conference-cum-workshop “Revisiting Identities, REID”. Accepted contributions will take a social practices perspective as a point of departure for exploring the performance, living and doing of identity positions across time and space. We particularly welcome contributions that take an intersectional stance. Empirically driven studies that explore the following types of queries are elicited:

  • In what ways do micro-level analyses of naturally occurring human communication contribute to our understanding of identification processes?
  • What kinds of theoretical-analytical framework(s) allow for attending to the complexity and dynamics of identity processes?
  • What are the ways in which institutional settings, media settings, community of practices and affinity spaces provide affordances and obstacles for specific identity positions?
  • In what way can shifts in identity positions be traced across time and space (in interactional and/or historical data)?

REID has the following explicit aims:

  • Allow for the discussion of current research results specifically from a social practice perspective, representing different domains/disciplines that build upon interactional and/or historical studies where identity positions and processes are center-staged.
  • Provide a platform for discussing methodological and conceptual issues of relevance in the light of diversification and mobility across time and space.
  • Initiate the setting up of a multidisciplinary international research network.

REID: Key conceptual and methodological concepts

social practice, caring, learning/socialization, intersectionality, naturally occurring interactional data, historical archive data