Intensive Summer Course in Early Childhood Intervention

In June CHILD at Jönköping University will host an Intensive Summer Institute within early childhood intervention for PhD-students and Master students. Participants and professors will come from Europe, the USA and South Africa.  

An Intensive course Environmental Assessment and Intervention in Early Childhood, 7.5 credits (ECTS)  will be held in Jönköping in June 4-20, 2012. The course will be for both master and Ph.D. students with different examinations. The purpose of the course is to give knowledge and understanding in order to:

o Assess children´s natural environments
o Analyze the child in relationship to the environment: in an interactional framework
o Use a hierarchical system levels model in understanding environmental influences
o Use a transactional model to analyze child-environment interactions over time
o Describe environment in inclusive education
o Use a sociocultural model in understanding child functioning

Participating faculty will come from ongoing collaboration in Europe, the USA and South Africa.

The course is arranged as an intensive course with three weeks of lectures and seminars and with "pre- and post course work", see course Pdf, 311.8 kB. syllabus.  

The summer course is arranged in collaboration between the research environment CHILD, The Swedish Institute for Disability Research (SIDR) and Global Education and Developmental Studies, GEDS. GEDS is an Atlantisproject (EU - the USA) coordinated for Europe within CHILD at Jönköping University. GEDS provides collaboration within Early Childhood Intervention on advanced study levels.

For further information or to sign up, please contact Cecilia Allegrind.

Welcome to participate in the Summer Course!