Licentiate thesis about children's preoperative anxiety

CHILD-doctoral student Ingalill Gimbler Berglund successfully defended her licentiate thesis in Nursing Science on October 5, 2012.

The overall purpose of Ingalill Gimbler Berglund's research is to describe the nurse anaesthetists interactions with children during anaesthesia induction and to validate an assessment  tool of preoperative anxiety in children in the Swedish context. Anaesthetic induction is a stressful experience for children. Nurse  anaesthetists behaviour affects the child and the degree of anxiety the child experiences during the perioperative period. Through research can positive interaction between the nurse anaesthetist and the child be emphasized and, thereby possibilities to improving the perioperative care for children. Finding a reliable assessment tool of children's anxiety facilitates further research to improve the care of children. The research is based on interviews with nurse anaesthetists and observations of children

Ingalill Gimbler Berglund (to the right) receives congratulations at the nailing ceremony.