CHILD-professor granted scholarship to Singapore

The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, STINT, has granted professor Karin Enskär a six month scholarship to take part in the programme Excellence in Teaching with placement at National University of Singapore.
"This experience will mean a lot to me, to my research and also to our Swedish research environment CHILD", says Karin Enskär.

The ALCNS Campus area at National University of Singapore

"An exchange will provide opportunities to teach in a different country as well as to explore possibilities for joint research", says Karin Enskär.

National University of Singapore focuses on improving health outcomes and the well-being of patients, their families and the community. The nursing program has got courses on Maternity and Infant Health also to be taught by Karin Enskär and to form a base for future collaboration from. The chronic disease prevention and management research group has been engaging in research at the forefront of nursing knowledge which Karin Enskär can both benefit from and support with her experience.

"I am expected to participate in the teaching of students at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. I will be teaching in child health and development, pediatric nursing for sick children and their families, pain and pain management in children, assessment and management in child- and school health services, research methods, as well as participating in seminars, department's work and research collaboration.

"This experience will mean a lot to me, to my research and also to our Swedish research environment CHILD", says Karin Enskär.

--------------------------------------------------------------Facts about the STINT Programme for Excellence in Teaching:
STINT wishes to encourage increased exchange between Swedish and foreign higher education institutions as regards higher education and the development of new education methods.

The STINT Programme for Excellence in Teaching aims to develop  individuals as well as institutions. By offering Swedish teachers  international experiences based on their role as teachers rather than as  researchers, the Foundation wishes to contribute to the renewal of  Swedish education and the creation of new academic networks.  Participating institutions are strongly encouraged to learn from and use  the experiences of the returning teachers in order to generate positive  spillover effects. With the scholarship programme the Foundation wishes  to stress that academic teachers need international references and  experiences.