Anna Karin Axelsson

Anna Karin Axelsson has a Ph.D. in Disability Research and her research interest is in the various aspects of participation in everyday life - especially for children with disabilities.

Her doctoral thesis is entitled Children with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities and their participation in family activities. The overall aim of the research was to explore participation in family activities in children with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities and to find strategies to facilitate participation for these children. This also included the role of the external personal assistant. Also, her Master thesis focused on children with disabilities, a five year follow up study from a bio-psychosocial perspective after multilevel surgery in children with cerebral palsy.

Anna Karin is a Registered Physical Therapist and has clinical experience from several areas, especially from the Child and Youth Habilitation Services. In addition, she has been a coordinator for the course Developmental Sciences and Intervention Processes in CHILD’s international, interdisciplinary master program Interventions in Childhood. She is currently combining clinical work in prime care with continued research concerning children with disabilities and their participation in everyday life as well as research in the field of communication in deaf blindness