Outdoor view of student apartment complex

48 places

27 m²

Autumn semester:  18000 -25750 SEK

Spring semester: 21600 -30900 SEK

1.5 km to campus

Located close to a residential area, Bäckadal student accommodation offers the option of sharing a practical studio apartment with another international student within 15 minute walking distance from the university. The two storey modular units contain 46 apartments, half of them for Swedish students and the other half for international students.The accommodation is situated close to a park, and you will find food shops, sports facilities, bus stop, and restaurants within a five minute walking distance.

Please note, the majority of the apartments will be rented out as shared apartments, with shared bedroom, during the Fall semester, due to the amount of students arriving.

Images of Bäckadal

Accommodation details

Number of students


Fall semester rent

Single apartment: 25750 SEK

Shared apartment (per person): 18000 SEK

Spring semester rent

Single apartment: 30900 SEK

Shared apartment (per person): 21600 SEK

Apartment size


Distance from university



Kitchen in the apartment

Stovetop, oven, fridge and freezer. Cutlery not included. Shelves and cupboards where the students can store their food.

Laundry facilities

Laundry machines in the apartment


Bathroom in the apartment

Common area with TV


What's included?

Table description


Not included

Bed (90x210cm), duvet, pillow

A one time charge of 300 SEK is added on the first rent in most accommodation for the provision of a duvet and a pillow.

Bed sheet, towels


Cleaning service

Access to kitchen and laundry room

Meals (Except for Pathway students)

Electricity, water and internet connection

Basic kitchen equipment in some accommodations