We are very happy to be able to provide housing to our international students. Nevertheless, there are a large number of students arriving each semester and the administration deadlines are tight and often close to the arrival dates. In order for the accommodation process to be manageable, there are a few things that are good for you to know.

When you apply you accept:

Contact Accommodation

Information regarding the coronavirus

As of 31 March 2022, there are no covid-19 specific entry restrictions in effect when traveling to Sweden.

Stay updated on the situation by following the recommendations by the Public Health Agency of Sweden External link, opens in new window. on how to protect yourself and others.

That the university will find you housing, with a monthly rent up to 8000 SEK/month. You must accept the contract presented upon arrival (even if it does not match any of your choices- see below for more information). 

How and when do I register my arrival?

You register your arrival by logging on to your accommodation application and announce your arrival. This service will be available July 1-20. For the Accommodation Office to be able to provide the best service possible, you must register your arrival through this service. Please note that announcing your arrival in other ways (i.e. by sending an email) is not considered valid. Read more about announcing your arrival.

Do I always have to announce my arrival?

Yes, even if you choose not to use the pick-up service or arrive on a date outside of  pick-up service, you must still log on to the Accommodation and Arrival registration page and announce your arrival in order to complete your housing application and to be guaranteed accommodation.  Read more about announcing your arrival.

If you do not arrive on your registered arrival date and have not notified the Accommodation Office, we may not be able to take your housing options into consideration. Note, you will still have accommodation guarantee.

Can I receive information about my accommodation beforehand?

Students will be presented with accommodation upon arrival; unfortunately the Accommodation Office will be unable to provide this information in advance. This is due to the fact that administrative changes are sometimes made up until the final days before students arrive. Under certain circumstances students will be offered accommodation alternatives different from those listed in the Accommodation and Arrival application.

Can I access my accommodation before the Pick Up Weekend?

The Accommodation Office is unfortunately not able to provide any accommodation before the start of the Pick Up Weekend. During the Spring semester the accommodation can be accessed from the first working day after January 1, and the rent is charged for one full month. 

What if I am not given the accomodation that I've chosen and want to change?

Changing accommodation and/or changing room internally is unfortunately not possible, not during a semester or in between semesters. 

Will I get a shared or single room?

Shared rooms are used as an option when there is a large number of students arriving. Our goal is always to limit the use of shared rooms. Effectively this means that the option of sharing a room is more likely during Autumn semester.

During the Spring semester most students live in single rooms, even if it was a shared room during the Fall semester. The term for shared/single rooms are always regulated in the tenancy contract.

Do you use temporary housing?

Sometimes during the start of a semester, temporary housing, such as a youth hostel, is offered to some students. This is due to different circumstances, for example if the old tenant has not vacated the room before the new student arrives. We always try to solve the temporary housing situation as quickly as possible but occasionally it might take a few weeks before the move can be made to regular accommodation.

If I arrive mid-semester, do I still have to pay full rent?

No matter when you arrive during a semester you will pay rent for the full rental period. 

When do I have to pay my rent and deposit?

Most landlords require that the payment for the accommodation, including a possible deposit, is made in one installment a few weeks after arrival. The rent is paid by on-line banking from your home bank. Please note, you will not have to pay any rent or deposit immediately upon arrival. The rent and/or deposit bill will be sent to your accommodation after you arrived.

Do I need home insurance and how do I get it?

As a student, it is very important that you obtain home insurance before you travel abroad. Usually, it is easier to arrange with an insurance company in your home country. They usually have an add-on to your current insurance, otherwise there are international insurance companies that provide efficient solutions. The insurance you get should cover all your valuables in the accommodation and should also cover any damage you cause to the building. As an international student, you have the option of purchasing insurance from a Swedish insurance company.