Situated in the most recently built residential area in Jönköping, this housing option has the University Campus around the corner and all amenities such as the supermarket, the local pharmacy, and gym outside the door step.

Situated close to Lake Munksjön the water is just minutes away, and a walk or run around the lake is very popular.

This accommodation is comprised of different living options. There is 2 and 4 bedroom apartments with single bedrooms and shared common and kitchen areas and two smaller dorms with five single bedrooms and a shared common and kitchen area. Almost all single bedrooms have an adjoining balcony.

Accommodation details

Number of students


Fall semester rent

32000 - 36000 SEK*

Spring semester rent

38000 - 43000 SEK*

Bedroom size


Distance from university



Shared kitchen in the apartment/dorm

Stovetop, oven, fridge and freezer. Cutlery not included. Shelves and cupboards where the students can store their food.

Laundry facilities

Laundry machines and tumble dryer in the apartment/dorm


Shared bathroom in the apartment/dorm

Common area


* The rent is paid in one instalment each semester.

What's included?


Not included

Bed (90x210cm), duvet, pillow

A one time charge of 300 SEK is added on the first rent in most accommodation for the provision of a duvet and a pillow.

Bed sheet, towels


Cleaning service

Access to kitchen and laundry room

Meals (Except for Pathway students)

Electricity, water and internet connection

Basic kitchen equipment in some accommodations