Sustainable Communication

Degree of Master of Social Science (60 credits / 120 credits) with a major in Media and Communication Science

Location: Jönköping

Start date: August 23, 2021

Work Placement

Sustainable Communication (SusCom) is a Media and Communication master’s programme designed for students who want to deepen their understanding of the significant role of media and communication for global sustainability.

In a time where anthropogenic climate change is threating the life conditions on which we all depend, and where inequality, wars and armed conflicts remain global problems, the need for global sustainability becomes urgent.

SusCom is a master’s programme where you will study the relationship between media and communication and the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainability. The programme is offered in close cooperation with the research environment Sustainable Communication at Jönköping University, which has published extensively in the areas of environmental communication, global journalism, transmedia storytelling, and communication for development.

SusCom is offered as a 1-year (60 credits) and a 2-year (120 credits) programme. The 2-year programme is an extension of the 1-year programme, which means that students of both programmes study together during their first year. A mandatory work placement of five weeks is offered during the first year. Students of the 1-year programme write one thesis (15 credits). Students of the 2-year programme write two theses (15 credits each).

Master of Social Science with a major in Media and Communication Studies. 1 year, 60 credits or 2 year 120 credits. 

After graduating, students may be interested in working for organisations that work with communication and sustainability. Those who have completed the 2-year programme also have the opportunity to study further at doctoral level.


60 credits / 120 credits



Rate of study


Place of study

Campus based



Start date

Autumn 2021


The applicant must hold the minimum of a bachelor's degree (i.e. the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits at an accredited university) with at least 90 ECTS credits in media and communication studies or social studies including independent, theoretical based work, i.e. a thesis or the equivalent. English 6/English B in the Swedish upper secondary school system or international equivalent.

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Degree of Master of Social Science (60 credits or 120 credits) with a major in Media and Communication Science

Tuition fees

117,000 SEK per year

Tuition fees do NOT apply for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students

(NB Preliminary list of courses)

Year 1

Sustainability and Communication 15 credits
Media in the Digital Age 7.5 credits
Transmedia Storytelling and Design 7.5 credits
Research Methods 1 7.5 credits
Work Placement 7.5 credits
Master's Thesis 1 15 credits

Year 2

Media and Globalization 7.5 credits
Global Crisis Communication 7.5 credits
Communication for Development
 7.5 credits
Global Cultural Studies 
7.5 credits
Research Methods 2
 7.5 credits
Individual Literature Course 7.5 credits
Master's Thesis 2 15 credits

Pathway Programme

If you don't fulfil our language requirements,  you can enter our Pathway Programme, designed to strengthen your English and academic skills. Read more.