Muhammar, student, Sustainable Communication

Muhammar Hussain wants to pursue a career in advertising or public relations. In a world where everybody faces the challenge of climate change, he saw a need for communication experts in the field of sustainability. The master in sustainable communication combined his interests and offered unique opportunities.

Muhammar, student, Sustainable Communication

The program provided Muhammar with a deeper understanding of sustainability and the important role of communication. “Through the classes and lectures, I have become better at gathering information and writing coherent research papers.” he says.

What is good about Sustainable Communication?

– The program offers a good mix of theoretical and practical learning. The lectures are insightful, and they are taught in a way that encourages discussions and participation. The teachers effectively create an environment where students can confidently express their viewpoints and become active participants. Furthermore, the assignments and projects, whether individual or group, have been instrumental in creating a deeper understanding, and in some cases such as the Critical Analysis, provided examples of how it can be utilized using real-world examples.

What courses have been interesting and will help you in your future career?

– The Transmedia Storytelling course has been the most interesting program for me so far, as it utilizes many different forms of media to present a singular idea. It is also one that seems most practical and quite useful for someone like me who is interested in pursuing a career in advertising or public relations.

Can you recommend it? Why?

– I would wholeheartedly recommend the Sustainable Communication program to any student of communication looking to explore opportunities in sustainability. The program provides a deeper understanding of sustainability from a theoretical perspective, furthermore, the work placement in the second semesters gives the students a unique opportunity to work with government and or private businesses that are already or looking towards working sustainability.

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