Statistics and monitoring

It is important for us to work in a structured way with systematic quality work. That is why we want to present what we do in a transparent and interactive way.


For easy continuous monitoring and simplified systematic quality work, Educate summarises monitoring and metrics for Educate activities in a dashboard. For example, we can see the number of participants, the participants' feedback after the session, which school the participants came from and how many learning activities we have carried out. As the data in the Educate dashboard may be of a sensitive nature or for internal use only, we will share the dashboard if you contact us.

Exit ticket

After each Educate activity, we ask participants to fill in an exit ticket - a direct evaluation of the learning event. This report has streaming data from our exit ticket.

Course evaluation

After each completed course, we ask participants to complete a course evaluation, following the same procedures and through the same system used for all courses at JU. This is an important part of Educate's quality management. Data from course evaluations are updated after a course has been completed. In the report below you can see aggregate results presented as averages of all course evaluations, or select one or more specific course evaluations to examine.

Common course evaluation questions at Jönköping University

In order to simplify continuous follow-up in the systematic quality assurance work at JU, there are three common course evaluation questions that are included in all course evaluations. They focus on satisfaction, level of difficulty and research connection.

Satisfaction (JU1)

Your perception of the course as a whole. Scale 1-7, from "Not at all satisfied" to "Very satisfied".

Level of difficulty (JU2)

I had sufficient prior knowledge to follow the various parts of the course. Scale 1-7, from "Do not agree at all" to "Agree completely".

Research connection (JU3)

To what extent did you experience that the course has a research connection? Scale 1-7, from "Not at all" to "To large extent".


Educate offers counselling sessions. You can read more about counselling on the pages about learning opportunities. We also follow up and document each counselling session to help allocate resources, document results, and return with more support. The statistics you see below are based on self-reported statistics from the person who conducted the counselling session.