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style Type of education: Workshop
event Start date: Multiple occasions
place Location: Jönköping


  • 2023-10-25, 13:00 - 16:30


  • 2024-02-29, 09:00 - 12:00

In many teaching situations, we as teachers at a university often use PowerPoints (or Keynotes). Many people spend an enormous amount of time on these and they often form a good basis for lectures.

But, how can we improve these presentations? What are the small, or big, things to consider when creating your presentation?

During this afternoon, you will be offered a lecture on presentation techniques with some tips on how to think about your next presentation.

The afternoon also offers a workshop where you can bring a presentation that you are working on right now, or will be working on in the near future. Bring your computer!

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to ask questions on how to think about your presentation and get some tips and ideas on how to work with presentations in different ways.

Horizontal aims for Educate activities

The horizontal aims are to empower and enable teachers to solve problems in pedagogical environments, promote and participate in peer learning and co-creation, and expand their pedagogical repertoire to facilitate lifelong learning.

There are currently no extra materials for this activity.

The education is conducted at: Educate
style Type of education: Workshop
verified_user Requirements: Employed at JU or work for JU as a teacher or administrative staff
event Start date: 25 October2023
local_library Place of study: Campus
place Location: Campus Jönköping
language Language: English
access_time Length: Half day
rotate_right Application period: 18 October

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