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style Type of education: Course
event Start date: Spring week 14, 2024
place Location: Jönköping
clear_all Level: Advanced level

Active learning implies engagement per design, promoting cognitive processes that

makes learning more effective and engaging for all participants. It also has an impact on the joy of learning, student agency and the development of transferable skills. In essence, active learning engages your students in deep thought about the subject of the course, rather focusing on being consumers or recipients of information. This course takes a very hands-on approach to investigating and exploring active learning strategies together.

  • Theoretical perspectives and general ideas
  • AAC-cycle: Anticipation, Action, Reflection
  • Bloom’s taxonomy and other ways of describing actions clearly
  • Consolidating and internalising knowledge
  • Creating opportunities for students to act, interact and react, contributing to the development of student agency and co-agency
  • Encouraging collaboration, co-creation and participatory culture
  • Formative assessment, rich feedback and positive reinforcement
  • Making predictions, designing outcomes, modelling tasks
  • Scaffolding and Zone of Proximal Development
  • Specific strategies, methods and techniques
  • Experiments and experiences with active learning
  • Formative assessment functions in LMS systems
  • Peer based learning strategies and successful group work
  • Active learning in online teaching and blended learning

Horizontal aims for Educate courses

The horizontal aims are to empower and enable teachers to solve problems in pedagogical environments, promote and participate in peer learning and co-creation, and expand their pedagogical repertoire to facilitate lifelong learning.

Materials connected to the course will be published in connection with the first course session.

To you who have been accepted to Student Active Learning - Academic Teaching and Learning 2 and received an admission letter from the Admissions Office at JU!



The schedule for spring 2024 is now available in TimeEdit External link, opens in new window.. Please, save the dates as soon as possible to avoid conflicts with courses that you lead!


Learning Management System

In the course, we use Canvas as a digital platform. To access the course activity on Canvas, you use your student account.

NOTE! If you do not already have a student account, one will be created upon admission. This also applies to you who are a JU employee.

Student account and registration

If you have not activated your student account, you must do so:

  • Go to External link, opens in new window..
  • For JU teachers:
    • Select Jönköping University Login to activate the student account using the login to your staff account at JU.
  • For external participants:
    • If you do not work at JU and therefore do not have a staff account, you should instead select BankID or One-time password.
    • Then follow the step-by-step guide where registration for the course takes place, the password is set, and the account is activated.


If you already have an active student account, log in to Student-Ladok and register.

After account activation and registration, you can log in with the student account in Canvas. For those of you who now have both a staff account and a student account, please, use two different browsers to keep the logins separate.


Forward e-mail

To make it easier for you to keep track of emails that come to the student account, we suggest that you forward the student account's email to an email address you already use.

The education is conducted at: Educate
verified_user Requirements: Employment as university teacher, doctoral student or equivalent. English proficiency corresponding to at least English 5 or the equivalent is required.
event Start date: Spring 2023, week 14-23
local_library Place of study: Campus
place Location: Campus Jönköping
rotate_right Rate of study: 10%
clear_all Level: Advanced
data_usage Credits: 1.5 credits
language Language: English

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