A multi-disciplinary environment with focus on the application of applied AI to support responsiveness of organizations, in terms of both supply and demand.


Digitalization and sustainability are two megatrends affecting people, businesses and the society, in a disruptive way. Organizations able to exploit digitalization through AI will benefit the most from these megatrends.

The manufacturing industry is inherently digitalized, producing vast amounts of data. Systematically adding the data-driven perspective and increasing the usage of AI will improve the knowledge-intensive processes, as well as enable more advanced smart products and services.

Increased usage of algorithmic decision support and decision making puts a premium on making AI solutions trustworthy. Specifically, for social and economic sustainability, digital solutions must be fair and conform to established ethics.

Research Focus

Applied, often multi-disciplinary, research with industrial and/or societal relevance, addressing all aspects of digitalization, but in particular data-driven processes and AI technologies.

Focus areas include but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge-intensive and data-driven processes
  • Intelligent and sustainable products and services
  • AI-transformation of cognitive and responsive enterprises
  • Trustworthy AI
  • AI for sustainability and Sustainable AI
  • Applied AI for manufacturing

A key component is Jönköping AI Lab (JAIL) consisting of approximately 15 researchers in different areas of AI, e.g., machine learning, deep learning, data science, human-centered AI, ethics in AI, natural language processing, semantic technologies, confidence predictors and AI transformation.