Advanced and optimised components, materials and manufacturing

An internationally recognized environment that researches on advanced materials used in advanced manufacturing processes to reach optimised components; the three distinct pillars that are the core of sustainable product realisation in the manufacturing industry.


This sub-environment targets the core of the knowledge-intensive product realization cycle: Materials and Manufacturing. This environment is nationally positioned and internationally recognized in the field of Materials and Manufacturing with a focus on cast components. Research and educational activities are aligned with industrial needs in the whole value chain of component manufacturing. As one of the main sources of inspiration in establishment of SPARK, this environment strongly contributes to the development of research and education activities, specifically through the following: competence development of large-scale project management, strengthening the national and international recognition of SPARK and enhancing the capacities for advanced/applied research and education.

Research Focus

Advanced materials with higher added value, combined with advanced manufacturing techniques that provide better sustainable solutions with less material and energy consumption, can lead to manufacturing of sustainable and optimized components with improved performance. These distinct pillars that are the core of sustainable product realization in the manufacturing industry define the research focus of this sub-environment. These activities foster higher performance/quality components at lower costs or less use/waste of resources that leads to higher quality products and a competitive industry. Competence development, as well as knowledge and innovation transfer to the manufacturing industry, based on the industrial needs are essential drivers of our research and teaching activities.

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