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  • Sustainability goals in focus at international conference

    From September 30 to October 3, Jönköping International Business School at Jönköping University will host the sixth edition of the RMER - Responsible Management Education Research - Conference. Global Research and Business sectors will meet and join forces to identify stakeholders and engage in sustainable leadership issues. All with a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Agenda 2030.
  • "Faster lead times and better profitability for customer order driven companies"

    "My research will lead to increased efficiency, faster lead times and better profitability for companies with customer order driven production and design."This is according to Samuel André, who recently defended and got his doctoral thesis approved at School of Engineering in Jönköping.
  • Per Risberg Memorial Fund Scholarship to be awarded for the first time

    Anders Melander will be the first recipient of the Per Risberg Memorial Fund Scholarship, because of a strong commitment to collaboration between Jönköping University (JU) and the business community in the Jönköping region.
  • "An event that put rowing on the map in Sweden and Europe"

    The European Universities Rowing Championship 2019 in Jönköping was a great success, both organizationally and sporting.- This was an event that put rowing on the map in Sweden and Europe, says Mats Almlöw, president of the Swedish Rowing Association.
  • Shaping our Future - JU Sustainability Festival 2019

    Shaping our Future - JU Sustainability Festival, 1-4 October, explores how societal, public, and private collaborations, technology and ground-breaking ideas can help create a thriving society for all.
  • The dissertation aims at expending the knowledge on the industrialization process

    Paraskeva Wlazlak's doctoral dissertation will help to improve and expand knowledge about the industrialization process.- It contributes to shorter lead times and better alignment between product and production system, says Paraskeva Wlazlak, who thinks Jönköping University is the best possible working environment.
  • European Universities Championship in Rowing, a success!

    European Universities Championship in Rowing is finished. And what a week it was! Medals to Jönköping University Rowing Association, satisfied participants, visitors and very exciting races! Catch the feeling of the week by watching a movie here.
  • Gold and bronze to Jönköping University Rowing Association!

    Saturday 7 September it was time for the finals in European Universities Championship in Rowing on lake Munksjön and Jönköping Universitys own rowing team won medals in two of the races!
  • EUC Rowing Competition day 3 - time for finals!

    Saturday 7 september is the last day of competing in European Universities Championships in Rowing and it is time for finals. An award ceremony will be held directly after each race adjacent to the finish line at Lillsjöplan, Atollen.
  • Agneta Marell: "An amazing experience"

    - EUC Rowing has great meaning for Jönköping University and our student life, says Agneta Marell, President at Jönköping University.