"An event that put rowing on the map in Sweden and Europe"

The European Universities Rowing Championship 2019 in Jönköping was a great success, both organizationally and sporting.

- This was an event that put rowing on the map in Sweden and Europe, says Mats Almlöw, president of the Swedish Rowing Association.

Over 500 participants from 81 universities and 21 countries attended in the EUC Rowing 2019 in Jönköping. Mats Almlöw, who lives in Jönköping, is very pleased with the rowing championship and sees it as a kick off for the entire student/university rowing movement in Sweden.

- If we were to arrange this again, we would do it the same way. It was that successful, he says.

Rowing can be found at several universities in Sweden, but according to Mats Almlöw, it could be much larger. Jönköping University is a role model in that sence.

- For five years, we have built up a collaboration with Jönköping University that is unprecedent in Sweden. We will use this foundation as a benchmark to create similar partnerships with universities across the country.

"A fantastic bunch"

It is a fantastic bunch of people that has worked with EUC Rowing 2019 in Jönköping for around a year with thorough preparation and everything has worked out well, emphasizes Mats Almlöw.

- We have had an excellent collaboration with the other organizers with good communication and quick decision paths. In addition, Mirjam Sipos and Lennart Wass from Jönköping University did a great job. According to Mats Almlöw, Jönköping is a perfect town for sport events, having many sport venues situated in the middle of the city; great capacity of accommodation close by and a great network within the town that stand behind it all. He has received numerous thank you emails after the rowing competition from participants, referees and representatives from several participating universities.

"Almost shredding a tear"

The outstanding competitions results of Jönköping University became the icing on the cake of the rowing championship.

- I was almost shredding a tear when I saw the guys (Filip Nilsson and Eskil Borgh) slip across the finish line and win the gold. Then Eskil topped that success with a bronze. It's a huge success, because you should know, that the rowers who come to these competitions are on top of the lines in their respective countries when it comes to rowing, says Mats Almlöw.

"I had to pinch myself"

Mona Sörman, Coordinator for Double Careers at Jönköping University, thinks that EUC Rowing 2019 in Jönköping was a fantastic championship.

- Everything around the competitions has worked flawlessy and everyone is very happy with how it turned out. I had to pinch myself to realize that we got a gold and a bronze medal out of the three competing boats, she says.

"Very positive feedback"

Mona Sörman has received very positive feedback on the championship both nationally and internationally from rowers, coaches, EUSA (European Universities Sports Association) and SAIF (Swedish Academic Sports Association). She also mentions that a rowing magazine in USA had a note about a well organized and executed student European Championships in Jönköping. Furthermore, the organizers received praise for the accommodation, the food on Campus (catered by Stockmakaren) and how smoothly everything worked with Jönköping's Roddsällskap regarding the storage of the rowing boats.

- Both Jönköping's Roddsällskap and Huskvarna Roddsällskap have been extremely involved in the event and they have done a great job, says Mona Sörman.

"A rowing adventure"

During the competition days, Mona Sörman asked the audience and restaurant guests what they thought about the championship and the response was clear.

- Everyone I talked to replied that it was great. Many appreciated that they could follow the competitions on the big screens and that there was a speaker who explained what was happening during the races and "took them on a rowing adventure".

"One of the bests"

Sture Espwall, President of the Swedish Academic Sports Association, believes that all organizers of EUC Rowing in Jönköping have been very professional and that the Jönköping delegation's presentation of their concept is one of the best he has heard.

Besim Aliti, Sports Manager at EUSA (European University Sports Association), says that this type of championship means a lot to both Jönköping and Jönköping University.

"Can strengthen the university's profile"

- It profiles Jönköping as a sports city and shows that one promotes a healthy lifestyle. This is also very important for Jönköping University, which has a large international presence. With these types of events, they can strengthen the university's profile and increase the quality of the programs they offer to its students, he says.

Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University, also emphasizes that EUC Rowing 2019 has great importance for Jönköping University and for the student life.

Footnote. The organizers of the EUC Rowing 2019 in Jönköping were: Jönköping University, Jönköping Student Union, Jönköping University Rowing Association, Jönköping Municipality, Destination Jönköping, Jönköping Roddsällskap, Huskvarna Roddsällskap, Swedish Academic Sports Association and Swedish Rowing Association.