School Nurse defends Doctoral Thesis

School Nurse and PhD-student Ylva Ståhl will publicly defend her doctoral thesis in Nursing Science on 27 April at School of Health Sciences.

Ylva Ståhl's doctoral thesis is focusing on recording within and between the Child Health- and School Health services. Which health characteristics data are going to be registered in the services records and which data are going to be transferred when the child begins school. Is it possible to come to terms with a national electronic model in which the services has agreed upon which health data should be available.
Previous studies reveal deficiencies in the records. It comes to surface as incomplete and ambiguous information. Professionals of the services have expressed whishes of better structures and common, uniform language for the records. There is a need of a widely agreed upon reliable classification system to use in every day work where health data should be electronically available on local level but also possible to export to national register.
In the first study Ylva Ståhl is investigating if it is possible to use one of WHOs classification systems for health and health related components to be used by the professionals in their recording. There is a work going on to translate the content in the records to the classification system ICF-CY (The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health- Children and Youth version).
The thesis of Ylva Ståhl is part of a national project, Barnhälsodata-projektet. It is initiated by Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions according to whishes from the services. 

Welcome to attend the public defense in Forum Humanum at School of Health Sciences at 1 pm on 27 April.