United Nations Children's Fund in Armenia has allocated CHILD-researchers 89 800 USD

Jönköping University has been selected by the United Nations Children's Fund in Armenia to provide consultancy on Disability Policy based on ICF.

CHILD-researchers at Jönköping University has been allocated 89 800 USD (711 000 SEK) for the project Improving access to services and participation of persons with disabilities on the conceptual framework of UNCRPD and ICF – Armenia. Professor Mats Granlund at the School of Health Sciences and the School of Education and Communication, will be leading the project.

- The overall goal of the project is to support a local team with the development of the methods and procedures needed to improve access to services and participation for persons identified with disabilities in Armenia, says project leader Professor Mats Granlund.

The team of CHILD-researchers will consult and help training Armenian professionals to implement the services and supports. All will be accomplished in collaboration with the local team through developing measures, practices and training materials and procedures that are sustainable by government and agency users.

- The methodological framework guiding the project will build on an approach in which realization of the rights defined by the UNCRC and UNCRPD are individualized with documentation with the ICF/ICF-CY, says Mats Granlund.

- Specifically, the ICF-CY dimensional model of Body Functions, Body Structures, Activities & Participation and Environmental Factors which has been the basis for the development of the eligibility determination process will be extended into the development of standards and procedures for rehabilitation services and programs both concerning eligibility criteria and habilitation/intervention planning procedures.

The project will go on from January 2015 until December 2016.
For more information, contact Professor Mats Granlund

Project co-workers

Eva Björck-Åkesson, Professor, Mats Granlund, Professor, Rune Simeonsson, Professor, Margareta Adolfsson, PhD, Patrik Arvidsson, PhD, Anna Karin Axelsson, PhD, Susana Castro, PhD, Karina Huus, PhD, Nina Ibragimova-Klang, PhD, Alecia Samuels, PhD, Manuela Sanches-Ferreira, PhD, Monica Silveira Maia, PhD.

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