Bachelor and Master Programmes in Engineering and Technology

Leading in Materials and Manufacturing

Our School of Engineering is one of Sweden’s largest educators of engineers and world-leading when it comes to research within materials and manufacturing technology. We are also members of the CDIO Initiative, originally conceived at MIT. CDIO is an educational framework that stresses engineering fundamentals set in the context of conceiving, designing, implementing and operating real-world systems and products.


With over 600 partner companies (such as Volvo and Scania), you will gain industry contact through practical elements such as internships, projects, case-studies and company visits. Our bachelor and master programmes are unique in that- in addition to providing knowledge in technology- we ensure that you receive knowledge within areas such as leadership, business and communication to become more well-rounded. Check out our programmes within supply chain management, artificial intelligence, materials and manufacturing, product design, production engineering and management, operations management, BIM, and graphic design and web development.

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New Media Design

180 Credits | Bachelor


AI Engineering (master)

120 Credits | Master

Product Design (master)

120 Credits | Master

Pathway Programmes

Pathway programmes

Pathway Programmes

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