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style Type of education: Workshop
event Start date: Multiple occasions
place Location: Jönköping


  • 2024-03-07, 13:00 - 16:00

How do we create an inclusive learning environment while maintaining quality? The workshop focuses on inspiring you as a teacher to develop courses so that they create inclusive learning while maintaining quality. Broadened participation enables us to be an inclusive, open, and accessible university for everyone, regardless of the participants background. The starting point is an educational tool that can facilitate planning: the UDL-model (Engagement, Representation and Action & Expression). Central parts of the model answer questions such as: Why is the knowledge needed?, What should we learn? and How do we learn?

Horizontal aims for Educate activities

The horizontal aims are to empower and enable teachers to solve problems in pedagogical environments, promote and participate in peer learning and co-creation, and expand their pedagogical repertoire to facilitate lifelong learning.

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