Welcome to try Educate's teaching lab! We have facilities adapted for student active learning, hybrid teaching and recording.

Designed for student active learning and hybrid teaching

Educate now has two rooms in the library that are designed for student active learning and also offer hybrid solutions, Active Learning Hybrid (ALH). The rooms are C2032 and C3028. You are welcome to book an appointment for coaching on how to use them. The maximum number of participants per session is five.

Overview of room C2032.
Overview of C3028.

If you want to schedule your own teaching in one of the rooms, eithor for testing or for a course lecture, contact Educate through educate@ju.se.

Do-it-yourself studio

Joakim Staf in C2019.

We can also offer a DIY recording studio at the library (C2019). You can record yourself or an interview/discussion with another person and also edit what you have recorded. The studio has professional lighting, sound and cameras for the production of course material. The studio can also be used for streaming.

To use the studio on your own, you first need to attend a coaching session. After you have finished the session, you get access to the studio with your JU card, and will be able to book it in Outlook.