The course coordinator is responsible for ensuring that a course or course segment is planned and implemented.

Core activities

The core activities provide a starting point for you as a teacher, and also help you develop your courses while giving you a basic understanding of rules and administrative procedures, both those that are national and those that are specific to JU.

Recommended activities

In addition to the courses included in the core activities, we also recommend courses, seminars and workshops that are suitable for you as a newly employed teaching staff member at JU. These are courses that will strengthen you in your role and give you the opportunity to develop as a teacher based on your own needs.

About the role

The role of course coordinator is generally described in the document Regulations and guidelines for education at Jönköping University (BRJU). For specific guidelines and rules for each school, see below.

School of Health and Welfare, HHJ

School of Education and Communication, HLK

School of Engineering, JTH

Jönköping International Business School, JIBS

Jönköping University Enterprise, JUE