Einav Peretz Andersson

Lecturer Work Organisation
Department of Computing , School of Engineering
Master of Business Administration
Programme Manager Al Engineering

Einav Peretz-Andersson is a Lecturer and PhD student in business administration at Jönköping University, Sweden. She is program manager for the AI Engineering Master of Science program. She has an MBA from Jönköping University and a Master in Public Policy and Economics from Tel Aviv University, Israel. Her research focus is on AI transformation and organizational change. She is currently conducting an interdisciplinary, international collaboration with researchers from Norwegian University of Technology, Norway, and Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, with the goal to generate new knowledge concerning AI transformation in the public sector.


Current research projects:

AI Adoption: Real-world application of data-driven and intelligent systems (AI) is increasing in the private and public sector as well as in society at large. Many organizations transform as a consequence of increased AI implementation. The consequences of such transformations may include new recruitment plans, procurement of additional IT, changes in existing positions and roles, new business models, as well as new policies and regulations. However, it is unclear how this transformation varies across different types of organizations.


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Peretz-Andersson, E., Torkar, R. (2022). Empirical AI Transformation Research: A Systematic Mapping Study and Future Agenda e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal, 16(1). More information

Conference paper

Klotins, E., Peretz-Andersson, E. (2022). The unified perspective of digital transformation and continuous software engineering. IWSiB '22: 5th International Workshop on Software-Intensive Business: Towards Sustainable Software Business, May 2022. More information
Peretz-Andersson, E., Lavesson, N., Bifet, A., Mikalef, P. (2021). AI Transformation in the Public Sector: Ongoing Research. 33rd Annual Workshop of the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society, SAIS 2021, 14 June 2021 through 15 June 2021. More information