First line manager's ability to fulfill their action strategies - to handle the role without consumtion

First line managers are a burdened category of personnel in many industrial operations. Research in this area is limited by knowledge gaps regarding the managers' roles and assignments.

Purpose and Results

The purpose is to improve the conditions for first line managers to fulfill their mission. This is to be done by developing action strategies that are resilient, i.e. sustainable and robust, and that enable managers to cope with problems and difficulties without being consumed themselves. The project will also deliver a handbook that makes it clearer to the companies what conditions they must create for first line managers.

Collaboration Partners

  • Scania CV
  • Fagerhults Lighting

Project Time and Financing

This project will run 2019-2022 and is financed by the KK Foundation. External link, opens in new window.

Contact information

For more information about the project, contact Johan Karltun.