Smart Built Environment (SBE) - Measurement methods


Smart built Environment is a strategic innovation program financed by Energimyndigheten, Formas and Vinnova jointly with partners from industry and public organizations. Smart built Environment supports several research projects, including Measurement methods.

The program aims to

  • reduce the environmental impact by 40%
  • reduce planning and construction time by 33%
  • reduce total construction costs by 33%
  • enable new business logic in the built environment sector

Furthermore, the program focuses on the possibilities that the integration of digitalization and industrialization gives to achieve a smart and more sustainable building environment. In this contest, digitalization refers to the development and the interoperability of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and to those aspects that enable it such as information flow, open data, open format, etc.

The Measurement methods project aims to

1. Validate, measure and develop metrics to guide and to follow up the Smart Built Environments objectives and program stakeholders

but also, that these results will contribute to

2. Construction of new knowledge for scientific publishing, international appeal and relevant courses.

Project partners and roles

Project platform responsible: Lars Stehn, Luleå tekniska universitet

Project responsible: Annika Moscati, Jönköping University; Susanne Engström, Luleå tekniska universitet

Reference group: Petra Bosch, Chalmers; Henrik Linderoth, Jönköping University; Tina Karrbom Gustavsson, Kungliga tekniska högskolan; Stefan Olander, Lunds tekniska högskola

Project duration: 2016 - 2018