Passport & Visa

All students should have a valid passport for the period of their study in Sweden. If you need a visa depends on where you come from.  If you are intending to stay in Sweden for less than three months, you will need a visa if the country that issues your passport is on this list. Opens in new window. You should also confirm possible visa requirements with the Swedish consulate or embassy responsible for your home country.


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Resident Permit

EU/EEA countries

If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country you have the right to reside in Sweden. The term “right to reside" means that an EU/EEA citizen is permitted to stay in Sweden for more than three months without a residence permit. 

Nordic countries

Citizens from Nordic countries do not need a visa or residence permit to study in Sweden.

Other countries outside the EU

If you come from a country outside the EU and you are planning to study for longer than three months, you require a residence permit before arriving in Sweden. See the information regarding residence permit for Pathway Year and Pathway Semester and for Pathway Summer + master or bachelor programme at JU.

The Swedish State’s Insurance for Tuition-Fee-Paying Students

All tuition fee paying students at JU, including those in the Pathway Programme are covered by the “FAS Insurance”. The insurance is valid in Sweden only, 24-hours a day, as well as two weeks before the start of study and two weeks after the end of study. It also applies during direct travel between the home country and Sweden.

Since the insurance is for emergencies only, students are recommended to purchase a separate insurance of their own.

The insurance includes:

  • disability and death benefits
  • medical and dental care
  • home transport
  • third party liability
  • legal expenses

Students receive proof of their insurance policy in their letter of acceptance.