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What are Pathway Programmes?

Pathway programmes are preparatory courses designed to help international students meet the requirements needed to enter a bachelor’s or master’s degree program at universities.

To study at some universities, students are required to have a certain level of proficiency in the English language, mathematics, or a High School diploma + one year of university studies. On Pathway, students can complete the degree requirements, develop academic language, and improve their social skills. They also get the experience of living in Sweden, familiarizing themselves with the local culture and meeting people from all over the world.

The programme helps you adjust to the challenges of living and studying abroad. You will be supported at every step so you can focus on achieving your certificate. In other words, Pathway helps you to keep your future focus!

Dedicated Partners to Jönköping University Enterprise

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JUE has a collaboration agreement with BI Norwegian Business School (BI), Oslo, Norway and North Park University, Chicago, United States of America, regarding Pathway Programmes.

If you meet some of the academic requirements for a degree programme at Jönköping University but lack the required level in other areas such as English, High School Mathematics, you may apply to one of our Pathway Programmes. We will provide you with the necessary skills for your academic journey and enable you to reach your full academic and social potential while in Sweden. In addition, the Pathway Programmes provide study skills and knowledge of the Swedish environment – for you to meet the expectations of university studies in Sweden.

Learning is based on a combination of activities such as lecture-based input, seminars, study visits, projects, and guidance. Dedicated teachers, small student groups and a supportive learning environment with continuous feedback will provide you with an excellent framework to succeed in your studies. In addition to the formal courses, you are expected to engage in self-studies for 20 hours per week.

If you are looking for a career change or didn't get the marks for your dream degree, we have a number of options to get you started. You can view or download our brochure here: Pathway Programmes 2023. Pdf, 6.6 MB, opens in new window.

After completing one of the Pathway Programmes offered by Jönköping University Enterprise (JUE), students have a guaranteed entry to bachelor's or master's courses at Jönköping University or one of our other partner universities.

Pathway Certificate functions as a language level certificate corresponding to IELTS 6.5, the same level as the Swedish upper secondary course English 6. However, the admission process does not necessarily guarantee students' entry. Other eligibility requirements may have to be met to be admitted.

In collaboration with BI Norwegian Business School (BI), Jönköping University and JUE have created a joint Pathway Program that gives direct entry to Bachelor of Business Administration or Bachelor of Data Science for a Business degree at BI. You must get a Pathway certificate to get the direct entry to one of the programmes at BI. For more information about their bachelor programmes, please visit: https://www.bi.edu/programmes-and-individual-courses/bachelor-programmes/ External link, opens in new window.

In collaboration with North Park University, Chicago, United States of America, Jönköping University and JUE have created a joint Pathway Program for international students to give conditional acceptance for their bachelor and master’s degrees programmes. For more information, please visit: https://www.northpark.edu/

There are 4 different Pathway Programmes that students can choose from. The choice will depend on the English Proficiency level, the pace of study and elective courses preferences. All the courses give students University credits.

Students with conditional eligibility at BI Norwegian Business School and North Park University can choose between two Pathway Programmes: Pathway General Year and Pathway Year English. The choice is based on the language level proficiency.



Why Choose JU? 

It is a big decision to study abroad and it's only natural that students and parents want to be as well informed as possible before making the decision.

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Eva Gipperth, Managing Director
Josipa Morén , Operations Manager and Head of Education

Pathway Programmes