The Jönköping Academy is working regionally, nationally and internationally to stimulate and disseminate research in Improvement knowledge and Leadership within healthcare and social care.

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The four faculty schools within Jönköping University, the municipalities within the county and the County Council of Jönköping are our main collaborators. But we also collaborate with the Dartmouth Institute, the Dartmouth Medical School (US), Linköping University, Linneaus University and the County Council of Östergötland.

Our work is closely connected to a research program already established between the University and the County Council in Jönköping - the Bridging the gaps project. Bridging the gaps is organised in two research programs that aim to increase the system's ability to put knowledge into practice. Vinnvård funded these two programs.

At present we process a strategic model for the research within the Jönköping Academy; finding the core, focusing on the right applications and fundings and how to work more proactive in applications. A special network for bringing up ideas and suggestions meets regularly within the Jönköping Academy's research field.