We have capabilities for conducting hot and cold tensile testing, compression testing, creep testing, relaxation testing and more. The test results are used, for example, for characterising new materials and for providing input to advanced simulation models.

Tensile and Compression Testing

One of our devices is a universal testing machine capable of low and high temperature tensile testing, compression testing and creep testing. This is a very versatile piece of equipment, and its modular design makes it easy to implement additional functions.

Nano Scale Testing

The small scale of the tests performed in our nano test machine makes it possible to differentiate and measure the mechanical properties of individual grains. The apparatus can perform:

  • Nano indentation
  • Nano impact and fatigue,
  • Nano scratch and wear
  • Nano fretting

Charpy Impact Testing

Our impact rig measures impact toughness, i.e. the amount of energy the material absorbs during fracture. The experiments are very quick and easy to execute, which makes it ideal for studying temperature-dependent ductile-brittle transition.

Thermal Characterisation

We have three different devices for measuring thermal characteristics – one for measuring thermal diffusivity, one for measuring heat capacity and phase transition energies, and one for measuring thermal expansion. When used together they provide a holistic picture of the specimen’s thermal properties.

Creep Testing

With our creep rig we measure the strain caused by long term exposure to elevated temperatures and moderate stress.