Courses Fall 2023


Course coordinator




Theory of Science and Research Methodology (FTVFM38)
Course Syllabus Pdf, 114.4 kB.
Course schedule Pdf, 210.7 kB.

Kristina Säfsten

4 hec

week 43-46

Practice Oriented Research Methodology (FTPFM31)

Course Syllabus Pdf, 810 kB.

Course schedule

Jenny Bäckstrand

5 hec

week 45-46

Systematic Searches and Scholarly Publishing (FTSVP33)

Course Syllabus Pdf, 114.5 kB.

Course schedule Pdf, 20.6 kB.

Paola V Nilsson

3 hec

Courses Spring 2023


Course coordinator




Production Development
Course Syllabus Pdf, 114.6 kB.
Course schedule Pdf, 92 kB.

Paraskeva Wlazlak

5 hec

7-12 May

Metallurgy, Solidification and Modeling of Cast Iron

Course Syllabus Pdf, 114.7 kB.

Course schedule and registration

Attila Diószegi

7,5 hec

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